Raven - Real Patient
Starting Weight:221lbs
Current Weight:164lbs

I struggled with my weight throughout my entire life. Prior to joining this program, I was able to lose 100 pounds on my own through a vegan diet and rigorous exercise, but my weight plateaued at around 220lbs. For five years, I tried relentlessly to continue my weight loss, but to my dismay, I was making no progress. Frustrated, I asked my doctor for guidance and she recommended Kaiser Medical Weight Management. It was the answer to my prayers—I lost 60 pounds on this program and I have kept it off for 1 ½ years and never felt better.

First let me say, the meal replacements are a breeze. Relying solely on the product gave me a much-needed break from having to think about preparing and eating the right things constantly, which was incredibly helpful in repairing my relationship with food. Also helpful was my facilitator, Virginia, who was kind enough to give me one-on-one guidance during the transition phase to accommodate my vegan diet. She also has a gift for leading a group; she could always find a common thread between the experiences of everyone in our cohort. With her help, the cohort began to feel like a family. We could talk about our lives with one another—not just our weight. Luckily, I still see some of my original cohort mates at Lifestyle classes, which I try to attend at least twice a month. Attending the lifestyle classes is crucial in keeping me grounded; They remind me that my battle with weight is ongoing, but that I have all the tools to win it.

I’ve always been active, but after completing this program I’m able to take my dedication to running to the next level. In July 2019, I was able to fulfill a long-term goal of mine by running a 100k trail race (63.2 miles). In this year alone, I’ve run four 50k (31-mile) races and one 100-mile race. Running has been a passion of mine for a long time, but I wouldn’t have been able to have such success with it if it hadn’t been for Kaiser Medical Weight Management. The encouragement and tools I took away from this program finally helped me surpass my weight plateau, which has improved my health physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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