Three Phases

Finding long-term weight loss success can be a difficult task. Many diet plans and products offer rapid weight loss as a quick fix; keeping the weight off is often the bigger challenge.

Phase 1:

Active Weight Loss

Weeks 1-16

  • Replace your usual diet with OPTIFAST® and Robard meal replacement products
  • Medically monitored weight loss
  • Group behavior modification sessions

Phase 2:

Transition and Early Maintenance

Weeks 17-30

  • Transition to self-prepared food
  • Group behavior modification sessions
  • Continued weight loss

Phase 3:

Long Term Maintenance

Weeks 31+

  • Self-prepared food, and limited meal replacements as needed
  • Group behavior modification sessions
"People are asking me for weight loss and fitness tips."
-Steve, actual patient
Lost 93 pounds
Success Stories

How It Works

The Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management Program lasts 30 weeks with continued group support for an additional 52 weeks. The program is divided into three phases, each designed to improve your health and help you continue your weight loss. Our team of medical and weight loss professionals will be with you each step on the way to help you achieve the lasting changes you want.

Phase 1:

Active Weight Loss

  • Replace your usual diet with OPTIFAST® and Robard meal replacement products.
  • Undergo periodic medical checkups and lab tests to monitor your program participation and progress.
  • Attend weekly online sessions with a consistent group of peers where you’ll learn how to maintain your new healthier weight. These group sessions are typically offered in the evenings for your convenience and are led by experienced educators dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Phase 2:

Transitions and Early Maintenance

  • Add self-prepared foods back into your diet with the support of nutritional counseling at your weekly group lifestyle education sessions.

Phase 3:

Long-Term Maintenance

  • Expanded diet of self-prepared foods (supplemented with OPTIFAST® and Robard products if desired).
  • Continued diet and lifestyle support through weekly sessions with your group and facilitator.
Participants Lose an Average of40 Pounds by Week 17

Benefits of Our Program

  • Rapid weight loss in the early stages of the program.
  • Medical supervision to ensure you lose weight safely.
  • Education on behavioral skills to help you develop new and long-lasting health habits.
  • Long-term weekly support to help you maintain your new weight and keep you motivated.
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