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Trish Before Her Weight Loss Trish After Her Weight Loss
Age: 43
Location: Sacramento
Total Weight Loss: 85
Weight Before: 236
Weight After: 151

Finally, a Program that Works

Trish overheard her coworkers discussing the new Medical Weight Management Program while she was on the job. At 236 pounds and 43 years old, Trish had struggled with her weight for 20 years. She gained most of the excess pounds with the births of her two sons and while she'd tried almost all of the popular weight loss programs on the market, none had worked for her. She would see some results, but then eventually gain the weight back because she never changed her eating behavior. Trish says, "I've gained and lost and gained and lost." She had to get her weight under control, and she thought the Sacramento weight loss program would work for her.

The excess weight was uncomfortable, making exercise difficult. Over the years she enjoyed riding her bike, but found that she could only go a short distance. When she hiked with her husband she was out of breath, and even sitting in a plane was uncomfortable. "I had turned into quite the couch potato," says Trish.

A Liquid Lifestyle

Trish began Kaiser's Medical Weight Management Program at the end of June 2007. She and her fellow participants replaced their meals with liquid shakes and soup for the first 16 weeks. The Sacramento weight loss management group also met weekly with a facilitator to discuss their successes, challenges, and insights. Trish recalls, "When we met, at first we were all a little uncomfortable about letting out our feelings and thoughts. There are a lot of deep reasons for why you eat and are overweight. The leader really helped us work through things."

Initially, Trish maintained the mindset that "food is not an option." She appreciated that the meal replacements gave her the feeling of control over her food - something she hadn't experienced for 20 years. Following the program's restricted diet phase, Trish was able to lose 50 pounds in just 16 weeks.

Bring on the Food

At week 17, Trish and her weight loss group began re-introducing "normal" foods into their diets. Trish started off by replacing her breakfast shakes with food. Over the next 4 weeks, Trish weaned herself off of the shakes completely and focused on counting calories as she planned out her meals.

Soon after, Trish had her breakthrough moment. She realized that she "was off of liquid and still losing weight." Trish and the rest of her Sacramento weight loss group at first were all afraid to eat. Trish says, "In the past, whenever we ate, we gained weight." But it was different with this program. The coaching they received helped the group to feel comfortable with eating again.

Trish has lost another 35 pounds since the liquid diet phase of the program ended.

Exercise and Commitment

If there's one thing that Trish is fanatical about, it's exercise. She says, "I did so well because I exercised so much." She admits it's been a huge change for her to make sure she exercises 5 times a week and she realizes it's what she'll need to do forever. She remembers that while on the plan, "the harder the exercise, the better I did."

Trish enjoys the added energy that she has now and her fitness level is so high that she bears little resemblance to the couch potato of old; in fact, she has a hard time sitting still. She's currently training for her first Century (100 mile) bike ride in May and her first sprint triathlon in July. She's also looking forward to an annual 3-day bike trek with Kaiser, where this year she'll be tackling the tougher rides.

Now near the end of her weight loss journey, Trish can reflect on everything she's accomplished and says, "I can't go back to how I was. I feel too good."

Note: Individual results may vary, and this patient's results are not typical. Average weight loss in the Medical Weight Management Program is 46.6 pounds. Attend a free information session to learn more about the program.

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