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Success Stories

Seth Before His Weight Loss Seth After His Weight Loss
Age: 50
Location: Pleasanton
Total Weight Loss: 100
Weight Before: 343
Weight After: 243

I had a BMI of over 40, it was serious danger zone. I had to do something, I had to take drastic action. This program allowed me to take drastic action. Learn how to write my food down, learn how to exercise more. And now I do about 2 hours of exercise every day – that's recorded.

The whole journey of this program has opened up a longevity viewpoint that I didn't have before. I wasn't sure at 343 pounds, how far and how long I could live. But now, the sky's the limit.

When you lose 100 pounds of weight, you really get back into control. And that allows you to have that self confidence you had when you were, myself, when I was 30. Physical self confidence, being able to do things and keep up with the younger crowd is very invigorating, and it gives you a whole new lease on life. So the outlook on life is a lot better.

Note: Individual results may vary, and this patient's results are not typical. Average weight loss in the Medical Weight Management Program is 46.6 pounds. Attend a free information session to learn more about the program.

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