Success Stories

Liz After Her Weight Loss
Age: 56
Location: Fremont
Total Weight Loss: Lost over 40 lbs.*
Weight Before: 191
Weight After: 146

A Second Chance

After I had a stroke, my doctor told me that my health problems were likely caused by my "excess weight." That was her nice way of telling me I needed to lose weight or I was headed for more trouble. So, I decided to look into the Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management program. Even though my husband, Ira, didn't have health issues, I thought I'd have a greater chance of success if we did it together. So I said, "I'll do it if you do it." He did it for me.

Changes I Can Live With

I had done all the popular diets with no real success. These diets were OK for short-term weight loss, but they never helped me understand how to change my lifestyle to keep the weight off. In the Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management program we learned many little changes we could make to maintain our weight loss. For example, I now practice portion control by replacing our dinner plates with salad-sized plates. I still go to the same burrito place, but now I share a burrito with my husband and skip the chips. These changes aren't difficult and feel very natural to me – this is now how I eat. These are changes I can live with.

This Time was Different

The group discussions made the Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management program different and far more helpful than other programs I've done. We talked about what worked and didn't work. Our facilitator gave us the information we needed in a way that wasn't overwhelming. She was very supportive and not at all judgmental, even if we didn't lose weight one week. This is what other programs say they do, but they don't, and I think it's what made this program work so well for me. In fact, I like this approach so much that I still go to maintenance meetings every Thursday night.

I Can Walk by the Candy Bowl – No Problem

I lost 45 pounds on this program and have kept almost all of it off for 2 years. When I lost the weight my sister and a friend were so jealous of my cute new wardrobe that they joined the program too. I'm so happy to be at a point where I don't have to constantly think about making the right food choices. I just do it naturally. I'm not controlled by food. I'm able to resist temptations I thought were irresistible. I walk by the candy bowl – no problem.

I Did It!

I'm so proud that I lost the weight and kept it off. My clothes fit better. I can wear pants with zippers. For a long time I didn't look in mirrors, but now I check myself out. I look good and feel good. I got a "skinny girl" haircut. I pulled out my summer clothes from last year and was happy because they all still fit. My mother had been on my case to lose weight all my life. She passed away last year. I think now her spirit is finally at rest, because I did it.

Note: Individual results may vary, and this patient's results are not typical. Average weight loss in the Medical Weight Management Program is 48 pounds in 30 weeks. * At week 117. Attend a free information session to learn more about our Oakland area weight loss programs.

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