Success Stories

Ira After His Weight Loss
Age: 57
Location: Fremont
Total Weight Loss: 45*
Weight Before: 220
Weight After: 175

At First I Did It for Her – Now I Do It for Me

My wife's stroke was a wake up call for me. I didn't have high blood pressure or other serious health issues, but I also wasn't thin. My wife, Liz, wanted to join the Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management program for her health and thought she'd have a better chance of success if we did it together. She was right.

My Priorities Changed

You'd be amazed how much spare time you have during the meal replacement phase of this program when you're not cooking or doing dishes. I took advantage of this time to walk and do other things I enjoy. I even had more time to brew my own beer. This is something I've enjoyed doing for a long time and still do. And I know that each beer has 145 calories!

I'm a huge baseball fan. When my team won the World Series, Liz and I celebrated by buying a whole lot of our team's clothing instead of buying food like we used to. I no longer associate celebrations with food, but I don't deprive myself either. I can still have my hot dog at the baseball game, but I know how to handle it. Did you know that baseball stadium seats are much larger than average because the fans are so large? I laugh now, because I don't need those extra- large seats. They're not for me.

I Didn't Consider Myself an XL Guy

Before this program, I was an XL. I never thought of myself as an XL guy, but there's no denying those letters on the label. When I put on my old XL shirts after doing the program, they looked like tents. I also lost 4 pants sizes. My mental image of myself now matches who I really am.

We were going to a wedding so I tried on one of my suits and it looked like a clown costume. I went to the tailor to get it taken in. He told me I'd have to buy a new suit! He couldn't make it small enough. That felt good.

Now I Know How to Stay on Track

Before this program I couldn't go up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I have to be on my feet a lot for work and I'd come home feeling terrible. Now, I just feel better. I can ride my bike to work without getting winded. My feet and joints don't ache at the end of the day. At work, someone's always bringing in food. I can just walk past it without feeling deprived. I don't worry about it. I now know when I'm really hungry versus when I just want to eat.

What I'm most proud of is I did it. I actually lost the weight and am keeping it off. I have little ups and downs along the way, but I know how to stay on track.

Note: Individual results may vary, and this patient's results are not typical. Average weight loss in the Medical Weight Management Program is 48 pounds in 30 weeks. * At week 82. Attend a free information session to learn more about our Oakland area weight loss programs.

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