Success Stories

Angelica After Her Weight Loss
Age: 27
Location: San Jose
Total Weight Loss: 179*
Weight Before: 330
Weight After: 151

I Decided This was the Last Diet I'd Try

The first time I dieted, I was in high school. It was one of the fad diets, and it worked well. I starved myself, so I gained it all back plus more. Then I tried another diet, then another, then the original one again. Finally, I just gave up and didn't do anything for a long time. I heard about the Medical Weight Management program and decided this was going to be the last diet I'd try.

My #1 motivation was school. It wasn't my health. I love school and I love studying, but I was so heavy that I couldn't fit behind a desk. I was so insecure that I didn't want to ask questions in class. No one else was as big as me and I felt like I stuck out. I eventually dropped my classes and stopped going.

I was Addicted to Food

I can tell you exactly why my previous diet attempts didn't work: I was addicted to food. I would eat when I was sad, happy, or for any reason at all. Being without regular food for 3½ months is what made the real difference for me. On the liquid diet, I had to break those old habits. I had to establish a new relationship with food, and now have a new appreciation for it. For example, I don't eat fast food anymore. I just don't like it and I don't even crave it. In fact, I don't think about it much at all.

I Have a New Rhythm to My Life

In class I learned that each person needs to incorporate change differently into their lives. We all had a different style, different priorities and different lives. I had to find out what worked for me. Now I've incorporated the necessary changes and I have a whole new rhythm to my life. Everyone had a part in my success – my facilitator, my group, the nurses, my family and my friends. If I had tried to do the liquid diet by myself it wouldn't have worked. This support system was the key to my success.

Now I always try to stay a step ahead of my challenges. In class I wrote down all the challenges I might have and then wrote down how to deal with them. Then when I was faced with those challenges, I was ready for them. I did a lot of writing. I recorded everything - every goal, everything I ate, and my exercise. I wrote it down even if I wasn't successful and I'm so happy I did, because I learned so much about myself. I won't throw my records away, because they remind me of all my hard work that has paid off.

I Realized "I Do Look Smaller!"

Before when I would get a compliment, I didn't really believe it. Before, I wouldn't look at myself in the mirror, or if I did I only looked at my face. Even when I was losing weight I didn't want to look at myself. I just didn't like the way I looked. Then my trainer made me look during a workout and I realized, "I do look smaller. I look good!"

The Person I Dreamed of Being...That's Me!

Before, my friends and I would just go to lunch together and eat. That was my social life. Now I go dancing. I'm also back at school now. I'm going to travel this fall, which I never would've done before. Before, I avoided movies and the theater because the seats were too small. When I lost the weight, my brother bought me tickets to see Wicked as a treat. I could fit in the seat! It was an amazing experience!

I discovered that not only can I move, but I'm capable of doing so much more – physically, mentally and emotionally! I've done a half marathon, indoor rock climbing, hiking and boxing among other things. This year I plan to do a full marathon and I know I can do it. I want everyone to have a taste of what I'm feeling right now. Feeling this good and happy is priceless. The person I dreamed of being...I am that person now.

Note: Individual results may vary, and this patient's results are not typical. Average weight loss in the Medical Weight Management Program is 48 pounds in 30 weeks. * At week 72. Attend a free information session to learn more about the program.

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