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Areej After His Weight LossFeatured Success Story
About two years ago, I got a letter from Kaiser Permanente about the Medical Weight Management program. It took me two weeks to get up the courage to call the Santa Clara center. Once I went to orientation and met the staff, I knew it felt right.
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Lost 179 lbs


Lost 45 lbs


Lost 45 lbs


Lost 45 lbs


Lost 85 lbs


Lost 65 lbs


Lost 40 lbs


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Lost 100 lbs


Lost 113 lbs


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Lost 70 lbs

Tom C.

Lost 80 lbs


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Lost 121 lbs


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Lost 35 lbs


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Lost 105 lbs


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Lost 100 lbs


Lost 52.2 lbs

What Physicians Are Saying

I send my patients [to the Medical Weight Management Program] who have tried other programs and failed or gained the weight back. The program is designed for patients who are serious about losing weight. It is the next best thing to bariatric surgery.

Bien Nguyen, MD
Internal Medicine Physician
Kaiser Permanente San Jose

A major value of our MWM program is the long term support for our members in approaching this chronic condition. They are in a supportive, yet scientifically based program with the goal of healthy outcomes.

Michael Okimura, MD
Endocrinology and Metabolism
Chief, Sub-Specialty Medicine
North Valley Kaiser Permanente

What Patients Are Saying

The medical management is something that I think is great. I felt safe doing it.

Beverly - San Jose Kaiser Permanente

The facilitator was absolutely wonderful. They give you the tools and show you how to use them, so you feel prepared when it's time to move from the liquid diet to normal foods again.

Tom - Sacramento Kaiser Permanente

There are a lot of deep reasons for why you eat and are overweight. The leader really helped us work through things.

Trish - Sacramento Kaiser Permanente

We have bonded so much. It was pretty amazing how close we all got. Through good times and bad times we were able to share our stories with each other and leave feeling better. This was far different from anything I'd experienced.

Diane - Fremont Kaiser Permanente