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Three Phases

Three Steps to Big Change

The Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management Program has three phases: Active Weight Loss, Transition and Early Maintenance, and Long-Term Maintenance.

PHASE 1: Active Weight Loss

PHASE 2: Transition and Early Maintenance

PHASE 3: Long-Term Maintenance

Weeks 1-16 Weeks 17-30 Weeks 31+
Meal Replacement
Behavioral Skills
Weekly Group Sessions
Medical Monitoring
Behavioral Skills
Weekly Group Sessions
Nutritional Counseling
Behavioral Skills
Weekly Group Sessions

Phase One: Active Weight Loss (16 weeks)

Three PhasesTo lose weight effectively, you'll replace your usual diet with OPTIFAST® shakes and other meal replacement products. You'll also receive periodic checkups and lab tests by a provider to monitor your program participation and progress. In weekly group sessions, you'll learn the skills you need to maintain your new healthier weight. These group sessions are typically offered in the evening for your convenience, and led by experienced educators dedicated to helping you reach your goal.

Phase Two: Transition and Early Maintenance (14 weeks)

Behavioral educators will teach you how to gradually add self-prepared foods back into your diet as you continue your weekly lifestyle education sessions.

Phase Three: Long-Term Maintenance (52 weeks)

To maintain your new weight in the long run, you'll have the support of your group and facilitator. You will be able to utilize the skills that you learned in the Active Weight Loss phase to help keep the weight off..

Our Kaiser Permanent Locations

In addition to our Elk Grove weight loss clinic, the program is available at the following Kaiser Permanente locations:

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