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Location Details San Jose

San Jose


San Jose
260 International Circle
Bldg 4
San Jose, CA 95119

Contact Information

(408) 363-4545
Welcome to Kaiser Permanente's Medical Weight Loss Program in San Jose. Our offices are located on the Kaiser Permanente Hospital campus just off Cottle Road (near the 85 freeway) in San Jose. We offer frequent orientation sessions at this location; call (408) 363-4545 or email us to sign up today.

Our Team

Program Manager
Blanca Campos Manager
Nhu Chau MD
Nolan Lee MD
Kathleen Serventi MD
Tinh Uyen Le MD
Vanessa Alise, Facilitator
German Blanco Facilitator
Ryan Ehtessabian Facilitator
Stacey Upton Facilitator

Driving Directions

Southbound: Take CA-85 S to Cottle Road. Turn right onto Cottle Road exit. Turn left onto Hospital Parkway. Turn left onto International Circle. Northbound: Take US 101-N. Follow signs to Cupertino/Mtn View. Exit at Cottle Road. Turn left onto Cottle Road. Turn left onto Hospital Parkway. Left onto International Circle.

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