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Success Stories

Beverly Before Her Weight Loss Beverly After Her Weight Loss
Age: 50's
Location: San Jose
Total Weight Loss: 45
Weight Before: 190
Weight After: 145

Growing Older Doesn't Have to Mean Growing Bigger

Over the years, Beverly's weight just kept creeping upwards. By the time she'd reached her late 50's, she'd discovered that her pattern of losing 10 pounds, then gaining back 15 had taken its toll. Her weight steadily increased as her physical activity decreased. In January 2007, Beverly's brother died unexpectedly. Beverly says, "He just didn't live a very healthy life. It was a real wakeup call for me."

It was at this point that Beverly realized she really could use some assistance. She recalls, "I had done every diet – every single solitary diet that there is out there. I just couldn't get past a certain point; I needed some help."

Getting Started

Beverly, who now works for Kaiser Permanente in San Jose, began the diet weight control program in July 2007 at 190 pounds. She found it easy to follow Kaiser's meal replacement program from the start. "There was no thought in what I was supposed to be eating or doing. It was really easy." While at times she missed "real" food, she always felt like she had enough to eat.

Before each group session there was a weigh-in and blood pressure check. Every other week or so they met with one of the weight loss doctors in San Jose. While Beverly didn't have many health issues going into the program, she says, "The medical management is something that I think is great. I felt safe doing it."

At the start, Beverly was a bit apprehensive about the San Jose diet weight control group sessions. She recalls, "I've never been a group person. I don't like talking about myself in a room full of people. There was a lot of discussion about relationships with food and honestly, I found that it was very supportive." Beverly says it helped that everyone was experiencing the same feelings. She identified with them on the psychological issues around relationships with food and developed some close bonds.

Thanksgiving Transition

"The biggest challenge was when it was time to start transitioning from the product to food. That was a pretty difficult time to go through. There was a significant amount of preparation for that." Her group spent lots of time discussing healthy portion sizes, even practicing creating meals with rubber food. She laughs, "There was lots of training with that rubber food!" The practice paid off for Beverly. She recalls, "I finally really got it."

To make things even more challenging, Beverly began this transition phase at Thanksgiving. Her goal was to weigh 150 pounds for the holiday and she reached that milestone, surprising her children when she travelled for the holiday to Washington.


Beverly is now in the maintenance phase of the program and her 45-pound weight loss has resulted in many health benefits. Her weight loss has helped her:

  • Fit into a new wardrobe
  • Have more energy for work and exercise
  • Relieve sleeping problems
  • Eliminate problems with heartburn and indigestion

Of her newfound health, she says, "I'm stronger. There are things that I never thought I would ever do that I've been able to do - it feels good to run." She's more playful and enjoys flying kites and walking trails. During her recent trip to Hawaii, she even flew down a zip line in Kauai.

The Road Ahead

Beverly is prepared to be successful for life. About the San Jose weight control services provided by Kaiser, she says, "It's really about having that lifestyle change and just being healthy, eating healthy, and getting the exercise to be a healthy person." She believes that it's especially important to set a good example for her children, grandchildren, and the Kaiser members she serves.

Note: Individual results may vary, and this patient's results are not typical. Average weight loss in the Medical Weight Management Program is 46.6 pounds. Attend a free information session to learn more about the program.

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