Location Details Promenade



Elk Grove Promenade Medical Offices
10305 Promenande Parkway
Elk Grove, CA 95757

Contact Information

(916) 478-5125
The Elk Grove Promenade Office will start offering Medical Weight Management classes at 10305 Promenade Parkway in Elk Grove. Interested participants can enroll in an upcoming class at either 9201 Big Horn Blvd or at our new Promendate location. Please click on the calendar to find the next upcoming orientations.

Our Team

Program Manager
Kathleen Huntley Manager
Kristina Ishihara MD
Alejandrina Britschgi Facilitator
Rachelle Hightower Senior Health Educator
Jennifer LeDoux Facilitator
Pamela Perkins Facilitator
Ramona Ponce Facilitator
Joshua Rahbar Facilitator
Beth Seevers

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